Monday, August 7, 2017

Find A Grave is finally moving to its new site/look!

Just posted an update this morning to a Find a Grave memorial. When I clicked on the link to check it our, the link in the email message they sent me took me to the "new" Find-A-Grave website. There is a yellow bar across the top of the memorial I was looking at that said, "Preview Note: You can use this new version of Find A Grave to make changes on existing and new memorials. Back to the old site." That last sentence gave me the option to go back to the old site, but my experience with Ancestry related sites is this won't last long. So we get over the AncestryDNA setup changes, the new changes with MyHeritage acquiring Legacy software, and now Ancestry is moving Find A Grave to its new site/look. Oh just wonderful. If you don't want something to change, wait 15 minutes and it is guaranteed to change or just take one of my classes. ;-) So what is next, another AncestryDNA change, new tool or report graphic? My money is on the latter.