Larry's Legacy 9 Hashtag List

Since I was a long time user of the flags feature in the old Master Genealogist genealogy program, when I moved over to Legacy 9, I brought the work I had done with that feature with me and it was imported into the new #Hashtag feature.

To set the stage here a bit, I use flags as a means to track a wide variety of information concerning people in my database. My goal in using hashtags is that it will lead me to more records to either put some "meat on the bones" or help me solve brickwall issues by uncovering records that may be buried in life events in the database. Consequently, I track various life events, individual occupations, memberships in various organizations, religious affiliations, military service and more.

Since Legacy currently does not have the ability for me to print out my list of hashtags to share or post, I have done the only thing I can for now and grabbed several screen captures to share my hashtag list here with you. This list is not static, as a do add material to it as I continue my research. Records such as census, obits, biographies, and other records I use help feed my hashtags with individual information. I can say that it has made a major difference in tracking family trends, discover new potential research avenues and has even resulted in some brickwalls being knocked down.

So enjoy this new feature in Legacy 9 and let your genealogical imagination run wild. But in order for it to work you have to be persistent in feeding information to each hashtag as it becomes available for each individual.

Click on each image to zoom in.