Friday, December 4, 2015

More AncestryDNA woes.

Well I have been on the phone again to DNA, more issues like the ones I have uncovered below.
This time my dad and I shared matches with a set of cousins and he had the leaf matches but I did not.
Here are the screen captures with mine matches we share above and his below.
He had the leafs hints and I did not. I discovered this due to the extensive documenting via spreadsheet that I work with all the DNA testing results I work with. As I explained to the Ancestry DNA support tech, if I am having these issues I guarantee that others are as well. So far this has manifested itself in only my father and me matches. You might want to closely examine your matches with other relatives to see if they or you have leaf matches and they do or not have those matches. Do keep in mind that there is a 10 generation limit (7GGP - 9th cousins). If you are looking at parent/child matches both need to be within that 10 gen limit in order to document this issue.
Let's hope that Ancestry gets this fixed. Oh yea, they still haven't fixed the initial issue with my cousin's Gerald's tree/leaf match with me (see previous post). I have replied to their email telling me it was all fixed.
"Not so fast my friend. It isn't fixed."