Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another Ancestry Tree Faux Pau

As one of my favorite western actors Chill Wills said in the movie McLintock -- People, People, People!!!

Ah come on folks. Please use a bit of sense. You can't be the parents of a child if you weren't yet born. Case in point is this sad Ancestry tree below (and all the ones who have picked up this same stuff on a click through).

I have purposely left off the name of the tree involving the Debnam, Townley and Gyrmes families so as to not totally embarrass the person who owns it. Sad part is there are a "big bunch" of people who have this same lineage in their Ancestry trees.

So to my genealogy students who follow the blog, and anyone one else who is just tagging along for the ride, what is wrong with the lineage above?

Here is another one that is even worse to illustrate my point.

This one is even sadder. Look closely at the third generation for the couple who had a child at age 9 for both parents.

If you can't see the graphic click on it and it will blow it up. Sorta like I just did on these rotten lineages above.

"Drago break out that hog leg and get me some attention."