Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ancestry New Search Engine Revisited - Again

Damn I hate to sound like a broken record, but since early last month I have tried to be patient with the new Ancestry search engine. My patience is really starting to wear a bit thin.

So if any if you folks at Ancestry or their "volunteers" try to tell me it ain't broke and the best product you have put on the street, I have a hot flash for you. Look at the screen capture I did below and answer me how I can get a UK census result when I have checked that all I want to see the United States collection only?

Be fore warned Ancestry that from this day forward I will be documenting every stupid result I get from your "new" search engine until you folks get this nightmare you have created fixed. I will also be sending you feedback with screen capture link of every time I get a result that I did not ask for in the search.
Bottom line, I will say this to Ancestry -- your product brand is really starting to take a hit in the genealogy community. If I were you, I would really take a hard look at getting some real genealogist on your Beta test teams instead of . . . well what ever you have now cause it isn't working.